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9 things you should do when your wife has just had a baby




Having a baby is no small thing and when your wife has just gone through that phase, she definitely needs all the support, encouragement and love that you can give.

The period from pregnancy to childbirth can be really stressful, and after delivery the stress is not expected to reduce. It might as a matter of fact intensify, because you both have a baby to care for.

This usually takes a great toll on your wife who would feel mostly worn out, tired, exhausted and overwhelmed. You might also feel the same way but somehow, your wife would still look up to you for care and support.

Being a new father is definitely no easy task – caring for the baby, plenty of sleepless nights, running errands, helping around the house and a wife that is not interested in sex. These are definitely not easy to deal with.

After delivery, a woman experiences low libido making her not very interested in having sex. Also, the pain of childbirth can make the idea of sex not so appealing.

As a man, you would definitely desire sexual intimacy with your wife and have a longing for sexual release especially if you’ve not had sex for a while. Although your wife might feel this way too, her body might not be ready for sex as soon as you expect.

It is very important that you give your wife enough time to recover from the stress of delivery before you resume sexual intercourse. No doubt, you love your wife and care about her.

These are some of the things you can do to make the recovery process a lot faster:

  • Don’t pressurize her to have sex if she doesn’t feel up to it. Resuming sex too early after delivery is not safe and can be dangerous too. It is best to wait until your doctor gives the OK and your wife feels ready
  • Learn how to bathe a baby and how to change diapers
  • Be available when she needs you
  • Tell her how much you are proud of her and how much you love her
  • Prepare nutritious meals for her
  • Help with the care of your baby and offer to carry him/her while she takes some time to sleep or rest
  • Don’t complain if the home is messy. Help with the house chores and run errands for her
  • Always take your baby for a cuddle when he/she is crying. Do not wait for your wife to do so
  • Create some alone time with your wife




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