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MUST READ: 4 essential things every couple must know about family planning




Family planning is widely practiced in all societies. With it, couples are able to control the number of children they desire to have and the intervals between their births.

There are different types of family planning (contraception) and couples, after they are adequately informed, can choose the method they feel is good for them and would work best for them.

Family planning has a number of benefits for couples and the society as well. It reduces the need for abortion and prevents deaths of women and young girls. The use of condom, besides preventing pregnancy, can also protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

In our society, there are biases against contraception, and this has prevented a lot of couples from benefitting from this essential health resource.

There are also quite a number of myths regarding the use of contraception and this only further discourages couples from considering it. You should know that family planning is safe and is not detrimental to the health.

Here are other things you should know about it:

  • It does not affect sexual performance, hinder sexual satisfaction or reduce libido
  • It does not cause infertility
  • It is safe for women who have not given birth. It is safe for newly-weds who are not ready to start a family immediately and it does not prevent future pregnancies
  • Some type of contraceptives can be safely used by nursing mothers and they do not pose any health risk to their babies



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