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Are you trying to lose weight? Then this is a MUST read for you




The internet is filled with numerous weight-loss plans and success stories. For someone who desires to lose weight, he/she would definitely not be in want of information on how to go about it; nevertheless, there’s a big problem – knowing which is really true and would be most beneficial.

Now, for a lot of people trying to lose weight, this is a huge problem. Miss A comes out to share her success story and tells you this and this worked for her and she stopped doing certain things.

Miss B also comes out to share how she lost so much weight in such a little time by eating certain kinds of foods, eliminating some foods in her diet and without exercising.

There is yet another person, Miss C who also shares how she continued to eat her usual foods, drank whatever she desired to but yet, in a short time, achieved an hourglass figure just by taking some special tea or drink.

It is therefore very normal for you to be somewhat confused and at loss as to which would work best for you, on hearing or reading these “testimonies”. So, to help you sort out the good from the bad, here are some very important things you should take note of about weight loss:

  • You need to eat food, a healthy balanced diet and not too much to lose weight
  • Exercising for at least thirty minutes every day or most days of the week is very important to lose weight the healthy way and in maintaining it
  • Healthy weight loss is never achieved within a short period of time
  • Eliminating sugary drinks from your diet makes weight loss a whole lot easier
  • Special teas or drinks, girdles and special diets never really work on the long-run
  • Carbohydrates and fats are not your enemies and you should not stop eating them in order to lose weight. Eat the healthy ones, but in moderation


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Mofeyintioluwa is a health enthusiast who has particular interests in nutrition and fitness. She also loves music and enjoys reading Christian biographies. She thinks social work and public health are noble professions. Ultimately, she's exclusively for Jesus.