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8 Interesting reasons why you MUST send your daughters to school

Dr. Akin-Onitolo A.



Sending your girl child(ren) to school may be the best thing you have ever done. Because the benefits far outweigh whatever reservations you may have, every member of your family, community and country stand to gain so much from your daughter’s education. Here is a quick overview of the potential impact justifying the reasons why concerned parties are anxious to see the 130 million girls currently estimated to be out of school enrolled.

1. Education is a human right.

It is established by both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child that girls’ and boys’ education is a human right.

2. An educated woman is healthier.

Because she knows how to read, an educated woman can access healthcare and life saving emergency interventions not only for herself, but for her family too, and can even afford them if she has an income.

3. An educated mother has fewer children who have a better chance at survival.

It has been clearly noted that children of mothers who do not have primary education are more likely to die before the age of 5 years.

4. An educated mother earns a higher income that can help her family overcome poverty.

Through education, a woman is better positioned to contribute to meeting the economic needs of her family. In cultures where this is appreciated, prospective grooms encourage girl education even beyond secondary school. It is found that the higher the education a girl receives, the better equipped she is to provide adequately for her family’s health and wellness.

5. An educated mother has better educated children.

Children of an educated mother have a better opportunity at education.

6. Our community has a bigger and more educated workforce.

There would certainly be more people in the workforce when women are educated. This increases the community’s income and benefits everyone.

7. Our society prospers.

It is unhealthy when one-half of the society is handicap and unable to contribute to activities aimed at improvement. When women are educated, they are better able to facilitate growth and development in our society.

8. Our country experiences greater economic growth.

Economic growth follows when there are more working hands and minds especially in modern times when our country is beginning to turn focus away from only crude oil revenues to other areas like entrepreneurship and agriculture.

It is estimated that as much as 78% of girls are dropping out of school for diverse reasons such as to be wedded, to do house chores, to care for a sick relative, to go to work, and even because of the lack of decent restrooms in their schools. Everyone – from international organisations, governments, NGOs, communities to you as an individual – has a role to play in creating a safe and conducive learning environment for girls because the benefits are definitely outlasting and far reaching.


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Dr. Akin-onitolo A. is a graduate of the University of Lagos whose mission is to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) using health promotion and improved health literacy. She is an MDCN (Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria) certified doctor who had her elective at King's College London. Hugely interested in travel, meeting people and generally being creative, reading and writing fiction are a few hobbies you could find her engaged in during her spare time. Catch up with her on Twitter @Akinonitolo and Instagram @t_onitolo