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4 simple things you can do to help your child break that bad habit.




Thumb sucking, nail biting and nose picking are some of the most common childhood habits. These habits are usually of concern to parents but they are usually harmless and not anything serious.

Somehow, children usually find these habits soothing and comforting. As a parent you most likely would not find any sense in your child’s habit and you may even think of it as annoying and embarrassing.

But you should not be so worried, it’s just one of the things that come with being a child. As your child gets older, the intensity and frequency of the habit starts to reduce until it completely fades.

If you’ve been trying hard to make your child quit his/her annoying habit and much success has not been made, it may be that you are not going about it the right way. To help your child get over that habit fast, here are some of the things you should do:

  • Avoid punishing your child for the habit. Using harsh words, ridiculing and punishment never works; it only succeeds in making the habit worse
  • Reward your child if you notice that he/she has not engaged in the habit for a while. This will encourage and motivate your child to quit the habit
  • Talk to your child why he/she needs to stop the habit. Children often like to be told why certain things should not be done
  • Avoid taking measures that would frustrate your child and make him/her more anxious
  • Find out what triggers the habit and try to deal with it


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