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6 Guaranteed stress-free ways to wean your child




Weaning is easiest when your baby initiates it. If on the other hand, you feel it is time to wean your baby even when he/she still shows much interest in nursing, your baby may find it really upsetting and may have a hard time adjusting. It will also be quite difficult for you too.

For this reason, there are certain steps or guidelines you should follow to ensure a less-frustrating weaning for you and your baby. With extra patience and care, and keeping calm too, you and your baby will get through this phase with no hard feelings.

So, here are some of the basic guidelines you should follow:

  • Do not set a time limit for how long you want to nurse your baby. Weaning could take days, weeks or even months and it is therefore best to give your child time
  • Wean gradually. Do not stop breastfeeding abruptly as this may be very hard for your baby to deal with. Also, it may cause breast infection or plugged ducts for you. It is important that you go slowly
  • Do not compare your child with others. Allow your child to grow at his/her own pace

To wean your baby:

  • Reduce the number of time your baby nurses during the day and offer solid foods
  • Reduce the amount of time your baby spends nursing
  • Engage in activities that would draw your baby’s attention from nursing

You should remember that weaning your baby early does not have as much benefits as when your baby nurses for a year or longer. Regardless of what friends or relatives tell you, there are no disadvantages to extended weaning, and it’s also nothing to be embarrassed about.


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