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How to maximize sexual pleasure with the use of condom .




A condom is a device that is worn before (for female condom) or during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Condoms are the only method of contraception that can protect against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. This means that other contraceptive methods work only by reducing the chances of pregnancy and do not in any way protect against STIs.

While a lot of women would naturally not decline the use of condom for fear of getting pregnant and also being infected with STIs, for a lot of men, this is not the case. It isn’t the case not because men are also not careful about being infected with STIs or that they do not mind having a baby even when they are obviously not ready for it; it is because, amongst other things, men view condoms as an inhibitor of sexual pleasure.

But do condoms really affect sexual pleasure? You should know that there are different types of male condoms today and the type you choose would determine your sexual pleasure. Condoms come in different textures and thickness and all you may need to do is to find the one that most suits you.

If you find using condom an inhibitor of sexual pleasure during intercourse, it may be that you have not found the right type. With the right type, you can be guaranteed of sexual pleasure and protection from pregnancy and STIs provided you use it correctly.

Here are some few facts about condoms worth noting:

  • They come in different types, some more effective than others in preventing STIs and pregnancy
  • Condoms do not offer protection from all STIs like syphilis, herpes and genital warts
  • When used correctly and all the time, a condom is 98% effective in preventing pregnancy and some types of STIs

Ever heard of correct use of condom? This video will show you how:

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