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About us is a virtual health paradise that has all the information you need to quench your thirst for more knowledge about your health and well being. Browsing through the site promises to be an experience worth your while with so many options to choose from ranging from health articles to videos and podcasts which have been prepared specially for you and even interactive chatrooms where you can discuss health issues and exchange information such as weight loss tips, work out routines or coping mechanisms for battling with various diseases (like cancer for example) with other lovers of good health like yourself. Really cool huh? Here’s what’s even cooler, there’s a section on the website where you can interact with doctors and ask questions about any health issues or concerns you might have, feel free to ask any questions including the ones you’ve been too embarrassed to ask, you don’t have to use your real name, you can choose to be anonymous.

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Mission statement

Bringing Africa closer to the discovery of facts about her wellbeing while creating health awareness in a light-hearted manner.


Vision statement

To be the most interactive health platform in Nigeria with the largest source of up-to-date health information for its users.